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This is one of the most common patterns we see in golfers. If you look at the second pic what you will typically see in this pattern is a dumped pelvis with flaired ribs. It’s like taking an empty can and cutting the middle of the can half way through the can.

One side of the can is open and blowing out air and the other side that stays together is your spine. So when you are rotating you are leaking air as the ribs try to drive down to the pelvis to make a pump like compression effect.

As you blow air out the front the lumbar spine comes along for the ride. Since the ribs and pelvis don’t stay fastened like a corset in the front, the can gets pulled apart where it is cut and the disks in the low back get compressed due to the amount of extension placed on the spine.

This same posture prevents keeping air in the back of the can which is necessary to keep the hip and shoulder joints driving back into the capsules kind of like a pole volter getting a solid connection to create maximal leverage to transfer kinetic energy.

Not having the necessary pressure in your canister forces the body to compensate in many ways as a result. This is a game changer for most of our golfers and the science that drives our training
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